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There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch

by Clare Beaton

Published 2001. I enjoyed how unique the artwork was and how comforting it felt. The story/text was straightforward and simple with an ending that was clever and funny.

Knock Knock

by Daniel Beaty, illustrated by Bryan Collier

Published 2013. Another stylistically interesting book. I loved the mixture of mediums and methods in the illustrations. The text is poetic and the story is heartfelt and impactful. The story leaves some questions unanswered. However, by the end, the answers we do have make us feel brave and encouraged. A fantastic book.

At Night

by Jonathan Bean

Published 2007. The story is very simple. But, the illustrations tell a subtle extra story that doesn’t show in the text. This is lovely. The illustrations are great watercolors with textures and a fantastic color scheme throughout. The story is a bit flat overall. I wished for a subtle pushback to the main character’s journey following the breeze.

King Baby

by Kate Beaton

Published 2016. The art is well done and vintage feeling, it gives me very small hints of Tomi Ungerer at times. The story is straightforward and about being a baby. There’s a small twist, relating it to royalty, which is funny when you think about it. Yet the story feels more for adults than a child.

Doggone Dogs!

by Karen Beaumont, pictures by David Catrow

Published 2008. There is incredible character and energy in the illustrations, incredible work. The text was rhythmic and poetic with a sense of Dr. Suess in the way it flowed, especially One Fish, Two Fish. There was great back and forth of information from the text versus information from the illustrations. This made every page a delight to dissect, with many funny moments. I felt the story needed an ever so slightly better ending. Something involving the owner that relates to a ‘parents love’ but the dogs return home after they antics, capture, and rest on the couch with not much said. With that said I’d still pick it up for its fun to read nature and the fantastic artwork.

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