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I Like Myself!

by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow

Published 2004. The artwork was my favorite part of this book, it was vibrant, silly, and filled with charm and personality. The text had good flow. However, I didn’t feel that the story had a strong impact. I think it needed a struggle or conflict. From the beginning of the story, the character already accepts themself. Nothing changes throughout; there isn’t even an external journey.  

Hello World!

by Paul Beavis

Published 2015. The spreads used stunning colors and shifts in color to create a mood in the book. Paging through the book, I found the mood really resonated with me. The text was fairly straightforward, but the conflict was a bit measly. I wished it was a bit more impactful in the middle of the story. I enjoyed the beginning and end.  

Mrs. Mo’s Monster

by Paul Beavis

Published 2014. Same great artwork. This story was engaging and interesting. I loved where it went and the journey it took me on. We see this monster become curious and grow into doing stuff beyond what it thinks it can do. Wonderful read.

by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

Published 2008. I can appreciate the skill of the artwork, but it is not to my taste. The text held a good flow as it went from page to page but overall the story left me desiring more from this type of story.  

The Princess and the Pony

by Kate Beaton

Published 2015. At first, I was not totally in love with the art, but the expressions and variety in compositions really shined through as I was reading through. A style full of character and charm with funny moments that aren’t directly in the text. The story and text were straightforward. The twist of the story is somewhat predictable, but I only say that after reading it.

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