a snoring skunk in a hole | 39

The Skunk

by Mac Barnett, art by Patrick McDonnell

Published 2015. I own this book and I was delighted to see it at my library. The story is sweet and has a nice moral and ending. I enjoyed the nostalgic look of the artwork. The limited color palette and linework work extremely well visually.

Snoring Beauty

By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illustrated by Jane Manning

Published 2014. The artwork looks like watercolor and it’s very well done. I love it when watercolor varies on the page. I especially love it when it has elements of great detail next to organic and free-flowing washes. The work is vibrant and interesting with great expression. The text was poetic which made reading a great pleasure. As for the content of the story, it’s a different take on the princess story, a bit silly. It was enjoyable but not my favorite as these types of stories are so common.

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep

by Eric Barclay

Published 2019. The artwork is fine, but nothing that stood out particularly. The story is fairly simple and obvious. It relates to the themes of parents watching over a child. The dynamic between the two characters is loving and nice.

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole

by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen

Published 2014. If in search of what a perfect picture book can look like, look no further. The artwork is your typical Jon Klassen style, which has never let me down, stunning work as usual. The story and illustrations shine together. This is where the magic happens. As Sam & Dave dig, readers see things they miss. There’s a constant back and forth in the text and illustrations. This makes for a fantastic and full experience reading this book. The ending is perfect and unexpected and all the things you want in a book.

The Reluctant Flower Girl

by Lynne Barasch

Published 2001. The artwork was nicely done. I enjoyed its rough nature with simple color washes and varied linework. The story was a bit dull to my taste. But, the theme was unique. This was the first book I’ve come across that revolved around a wedding. I wouldn’t necessarily use Reluctant in the title, but more mischievous. It was a worthwhile read, but I doubt I’d return to the book.

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