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Pickles to Pittsburgh (The Sequel)

by Judi Barrett, drawn by Ron Barrett

Published 1997. Stunning as always artwork. The story isn’t as enjoyable as the first. But it would be tough to recapture that magic. Still, the story is worth reading and a lot of fun.

A Polar Bear in the Snow

by Mac Barnett, art by Shawn Harris

Published 2020. The artwork is incredible. I love the variations in compositions and the variety of complex spreads. Lovely cut-out technique paired with graphite and textured papers, pick this book up just for the art. The story is very slice-of-life and enjoyable, a quick simple read.

I Love You Like A Pig

by Mac Barnett, pictures by Greg Pizzoli

Published 2017. I was a fan of Pizzoli’s work before this book, and even more so now with these incredible illustrations. The story is very fun and nonsensical and the book gives an extreme Edward Lear vibe.

The Marshmallow Incident

by Judi Barret, drawn by Ron Barrett

Published 2009. More fantastic artwork from Ron Barrett. The illustrations pack in details and fun things to look at. The story is random and fun and very, very creative. At first, I was unsure of the conflict resolution but in a way, it’s kind of perfect for such an off-the-wall story. I won’t spoil it here but the book is unique and well worth a pick up.

Never Take A Shark To The Dentist (and other things not to do)

by Judi Barret, art by John Nickle

Published 2008. Lovely and funny artwork. This book pushes the box with the expression ‘Show Don’t Tell’. The words tell the reader to NOT do something. The illustrations show us why. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it’s questionable. But I love the respect of the viewer. It lets us decipher the why and dive deeper into the text of why not to do something. It is a very fun and silly book.

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