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Lots more animals should definitely not wear clothing.

written by Judi Barrett, drawn by Ron Barrett

Published 2018. A book that simply plays and reveals itself from the silly. Fantastic and timeless art paired with well-written text. It is creative and unique, creating a very fun book experience.

Love You Head to Toe

by Ashley Barron

Published 2019. I don’t see this as a book for kids, to me the focus seems to be new parents. The art is a nice style of cutout. But it’s not fully to my taste. Still, I can appreciate the time and skill it takes. It’s done very nicely.

Extra Yarn

by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen.

Published 2012. This is a book I am very familiar with as it is one of my all-time favorite modern books. Jon Klassen creates lovely worlds with beautiful colors and textures. He adds just the right amount of expressive and dry-tone humor. Both Klassen and Barnett bring unique elements to the story. The text reveals things the illustrations don’t, and the illustrations reveal things the text doesn’t. All this comes together into a wonderful daydream of a book with a simple and effective moral.

I Have a Garden

by Bob Barner

Published 2013. The artwork is speechlessly unique. I enjoy the organic and raw linework. I like the flat colors and how they use some sort of grain as texture. It’s an effective style for simple text. The story itself is a bit flat for my liking but it’s a good book, very good early reader.

The King of Kindergarten

by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Published 2019. A great book to read to those right before they begin their first day of school. It’s a simple retelling of school activities for a new student. The art was dense with details, texture, and color. It was a little overwhelming at times. But the flow of the book is nice and leads the reader along the journey well.

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