Hey Wanderer!

The Wanderway is my Blog/Newsletter, better called a creative experiment for me. Currently, the Newsletter is focused on picture books I read and the history of picture books. At some point, it may also include any of the below or maybe even something not listed:

  • Illustrations sketches & Work’s in Process
  • Painting & Drawing Tutorials
  • Books and things I am Reading
  • TV or Films that have inspired something in me
  • Art Prompts (have a few ideas at the moment)
  • Things I’ve noticed on walks, hikes or other activities
  • Random words
  • Poetry
  • or any other form of inspirations, this list is a working one and destined to change form

The Wanderway will be kid-friendly. Or at least it will not be unfriendly. There will probably be a lot of illustration, photos and focus on picture books and opportunities to make art. But it will be from a grown-up’s perspective and that may take me to media and mediums that could bore a child, or anyone really. But I imagine your kids potentially reading this newsletter/blog and I will always keep that in mind as I create a place that isn’t specifically for them, but will always have room for them.

It’s Free

The Wanderway is a free subscription and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. I have zero plans at the moment for anything paid as I’m working toward a consistent schedule of free content for the Newsletter.

Why the name?

To be away from home and yet find oneself everywhere at home; to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet remain hidden from the world.

— Charles Baudelaire

I’m a big fan of the books The Wander Society as well as The Art of Noticing and the themes they talk about. I have also always enjoyed sharing my inspirations and wandering wherever they take me as I passionately dive deep into new hobbies and interest. The name was solidified when I was running a new route one evening and came across the sign you see in the newsletter’s avatar image, the wanderway sign.

Current Schedule

The Weekly Picture

Tuesdays at 2pm:

It can be stressful to try and seek and actively research to find ‘good’ picture books, so why don’t we leave it up to the alphabet and read through the entire picture book section in a library from A to Z? We will discover the magic and whimsy of books every week as I visit my local library and pick out five picture books to read and give my thoughts as we find out what makes a good picture book.

Paging thru Pictures

Alternating Thursdays at 2pm:

Paging Thru Pictures is a series dedicated to exploring the origins of the modern picture book and uncovering the timeline and influences that have led to the creation of the unique and imaginative picture books crafted today. Our journey will delve into the legacies of historical figures and their contributions, cultural impact, and the unique ways they told and/or tell their stories. Join us as we celebrate and honor these influential figures, from William Blake to Randolph Caldecott to Maurice Sendak and even contemporary picture book storytellers.

Thank you,